September 27: Hermés shows love for the carré

A storied fashion house will launch a global series of events that already has the world talking—and tying.

Fans of Hermés will get their fill as the celebrated silk scarves will go on a whirlwind tour this fall, with not only global events but a fanzine and website to talk about it all. Scarf in French is “carré”, and to highlight that piece de resistance even more, Hermes has launched the “J’aime mon carré” (“I love my scarf”) project on It portrays four women with the scarves set in four cities, Paris, London, Tokyo, and New York. The girls, all pretty and young, dance and pose with their swatch of silk in a whimsical demonstration of how to wear it (there are many more ways than you’d think). Each section contains a film too, accompanied by music that suits the location. The genius piece of work, so typical of Hermes, highlights the talents of British photographer Matt Irwin, art director Dean Langley, and stylist Francesca Burns, who traveled to the aforementioned cities for their inspiration. There are how-to instructions on the multitudinous ways to tie one’s scarf on the site, as well as listings of the special events that will take place from Australia to the Czech Republic. In Paris, concept store Colette will host their own special orange box-modeled-bien sur-after Hermes own-from September 27 until October 16, selling limited edition Hermès for Colette scarves and lozenges.

Hermes has been in business—starting as a saddle maker—for over a century, and they’ve galloped into the 21st at full speed. It is hard to encapsulate all this gorgeous company does; indeed, they are more versatile than almost anyone out there—dipping their toe into bags and luggage, jewelry and small leather goods, china and cutlery and various house wares, men’s and women’s fashion, outerwear, and of course, those famous scarves. The patterns are too numerous to mention-they are even framed by some-and having one in one’s collection is mandatory if one is to call oneself a true follower of fashion.

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