Shop for a Cause: Buy Toms and Build a Well

TOMS shoes isn’t any ordinary company. With a clear social consciousness and a motto of “One for One”, the slip-on shoe maker ensures that with each purchase, one pair of shoes goes to a child in need. Not only do they stop disease and injury from occurring at a young age, but they allow many children to attend school’s and get an education. Who knew shoes made a long-term impact on your quality of life?

Now the fab brand has decided to branch out with their “One for One” campaign to bring awareness to the poor quality of water in Ethiopia. The collaboration has more in common than you’d think. In Ethiopia, people spend 40 billion hours a year walking for water. Situated miles outside their village, walking barefoot for hours completely consumes their days—- distracting them from school, work and childcare.

Along with giving a child a pair of shoes, each purchase of their limited edition “Water” and “Map” shoe will give $5 towards the building of a village well. Access to clean water and clothing, gives children in Ethiopia the chance at a fresh start. Each well can hydrate up to 540 villagers.

For more information, visit Charity:Water’s web site at www.charitywater.org/TOMS. Also, don't forget to follow @tomshoes and @charitywater on twitter.

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