Sir Philip Green, Kate Moss & Simon Cowell Join Forces

LUXies, be prepared that a possible new global empire just might be in the making! How would you feel about your go-to fashion outlets hooking up with your favorite TV shows? Interesting huh? Well, this is the latest venture coming out of Britain’s Sir Philip Green and the goal behind him joining forces with Kate Moss and Simon Cowell!

As of now, this new company has not formally been named. But promises to leverage Cowell’s two shows, Britain’s Got Talent and The X-Factor, with Sir Philip’s retail outlets, Top Shop and Bhs. The idea is to have one company that owns both shows and then also designs merchandise based off of them that can be sold at the existing storefronts! Interesting and kinda brilliant—then, top it off with Kate Moss as the official ‘face’ of the new company. And there you go, a synergistic collaboration!

“Kate has been signed as a figurehead and style setter for the fashion end of the business. She will also be involved in finding and signing new bands and promoting them. She has a big network of people they have no access to. In return, Kate will net a share of the profits.” –as reported in the Telegraph.co.uk

Cowell and Sir Philip have been long time friends and it’s no surprise that they have now decided to collaborate in business together. Moss on the other hand designed a fashion line for Sir Philip distributed through Top Shop, which became a wild success! Having an extensive run as a famous face, the pair naturally enlisted the beauty to become their ‘famous face.’

What do you think LUX Nation? Will this new trifecta be successful at changing the way we currently interact with retail and entertainment?

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