Wellness Wednesday: How Skulpt Aim is Revolutionizing the Fitness World

Fitness gadgets are having a moment and it seems new armbands, apps and tools are infiltrating the marketplace every day. With each company trying to outdo the next, Skulpt Aim enters the game with the world’s first body composition and muscle quality analyzer.

Jose Bohorquez, co-founder and CEO explained, "Whether you're a fitness fanatic or simply trying to get in better shape, the Skulpt Aim will help you stay motivated and exercise smarter. It's the first device on the market that lets you measure the fat percentage and muscle quality for individual muscles so you can track your progress in greater detail and make adjustments to your workout plans and diet to help you reach your fitness goals more effectively."

Skulpt Aim Muscle Quality Analyzer

So how does it work? Straight from the Skulpt Aim team, here’s what you need to know about this revolutionary device and how it can help you reach your goals:

LadyLUX: What is Skulpt Aim?

Skulp Aim: “About the size of an iPhone, Skulpt Aim is a handheld device that accurately measures your fat percentage and muscle quality for 12 major muscle groups. Measuring muscle quality enables people to track the strength and definition of their muscles to give them a true representation of their overall fitness.”

LL: How Does Skulpt Aim Work?

SA: “Through a technique called Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM), electrodes and multiple frequencies are used to apply a very small current directly to your muscles. Based on their composition and muscle fiber, currents flow differently, which allows the device to evaluate the quality of your muscles. Aim measures thousands of data points for each muscle and uses algorithms to calculate the fat percentage and muscle quality. Higher numbers represent better overall fitness with an average number being around 100.”

Skulpt Aim Muscle Quality Analyzer

LL: How can Skulpt Aim help someone achieve their fitness goals?

SA: “Forget calories burned, Skulpt Aim measures what actually matters. Are you losing fat? Are your muscles becoming stronger and leaner? It enables users to see and track instant improvements and progress, which is highly motivating. Seeing instant results, before you can see them in the mirror, can be very motivating. The data syncs automatically to a personal online dashboard where users can track their progress, set goals and get tailored advice specific to their body. With an in-depth understanding of the user’s body, Skulpt’s dashboard also provides users with tailored workout routines, enabling users to reach their goals sooner. By tracking individual muscle groups, users have the ability to see if areas have been neglected or over-trained, and if certain muscle groups have plateaued and need a change of routine. “

LL: Where can I purchase Skulpt Aim?

SA: “Currently, Skulpt Aim is available for preorder at $149 and will be shipped mid-2014. The product will retail for $199.”

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