Solar-Powered Bench: The Way of the Future

LUX Nation, imagine a world where we are able to utilize solar technology to surf the web via laptops and charge our smart phones all depending on where we choose to sit!

Well, designers Seon-Keun Park, Byung-Min Woo, and Owen Song have thought of just that with the ‘solar inside’ concept bench.

Made with thin-film solar which works in a variety of weather conditions. The rechargeable battery not only turns the bench into a night-light but also provides wi-fi access. –

‘Solar Inside’ is also eco-friendly and LUX—made from recycled plastic and aluminum. Installed as a stand alone this is a versatile piece that could be anchored in business parks, bus stops, community centers or any outside venue needing seating. Made to work in a variety of weather conditions, this concept bench is not limited to only sun soaking settings!

The idea of having a bench that uses natural sunlight to allow easy access to wi-fi, night lighting and battery life, we here at LadyLUX can’t seem to think why this couldn’t be the way of future ‘sitting arrangements.’ Sleek, Modern, Eco-Efficient and LUX! The perfect combination for the LUX-o-lution.

To learn more, visit Coroflot for full specs and color option.

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