Solar thermal energy provides alternative source for heating

As we head into spring, there is one good thing to look forward to: lower heating costs. During the cold winter months, rising energy prices can hit families’ pocketbooks hard. But solar thermal energy may provide a good alternative for water heating.

The concept is simple. Energy from the sun heats a water tank, which then flows the heated water into the home. And it all adds up to simple financial savings.

“Solar thermal utilizes the sun’s energy to create heat, so the operating price remains steady over time compared to conventional heat sources,” Nigel Cotton, Solar Water Heating global leader of the International Copper Association (ICA) and founder of, said in a statement.

While solar heating systems can lower reliance on conventional energy sources long term, consumers do have to pay an installation fee. Many governmental programs, however, can offset these costs. For example, the Federal Investment Tax Credit provides a 30 percent tax credit for those who install a solar system.

“Installing a solar thermal system is attractive to many people because it utilizes a renewable natural resource—the sun— to provide warmth,” Bärbel Epp, newsletter editor, said. “Assuming that energy prices continue to rise, solar heating systems create a lasting financial benefit for families.” is a website for solar thermal professionals that provides the latest news and information on the worldwide solar thermal industry, creating an international forum for experts.

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