Soon Available, Kindle 2.0 from Amazon

A new larger screen version of the Kindle has just been announced by LadyLUX is pleased to highlight the wide range of upgrades Version 2.0 offers, including size, memory and special discount offers! wink

LUXies, you might not need your glasses with this version! It’s an impressive 2.5 times larger than the first and has 3.3 GB of storage. Don’t expect these new bells and whistles not to come without additional cost—this LUX gadget is tagged at $489, about $130 more then the original.

Good News though, if you subscribe to the New York Times, Washington Post or Boston Globe you get the Kindle DX at a discounted price. How much? Well, at this time, the discount has not been announced. But if you choose to take them up on this exclusive offer, the paper will be automatically downloaded to your Kindle each morning, redefining breakfast with the morning paper LUX-style!! wink It seems the ideal fit for those busy professionals who usually just catch their news online, now you can have access to the latest happenings wherever you are on the go!

Kindle 2.0 was designed as an alternative to hard copy textbooks as well. Scheduled to release in the fall, Amazon will then launch trial versions at several handpicked universities at the same time.

Geoffrey Brackett, the provost of Pace, said the university would distribute the new Kindles to about 50 students and compare them with 50 studying the same material using traditional textbooks, to see differences in how the two groups learn. –New York Interview

Currently, there is no exact release date, but you can pre-order your DX Version on Here at LadyLUX we are excited for this new upgraded version of one of our favorite gadgets and can’t wait to get our hands on one!! Technology in true-LUX fashion and transforming the way we read, what could be better? wink

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