Wellness Wednesday: Spirulina for Beauty: Why You Should Take it Every Day

Known in the wellness community as a nutrient dense super food, spirulina is also one of the most powerful beauty foods on the planet. One of the richest sources of antioxidants, this blue green algae is an abundance of nutrients that work together for a beautiful body, as well as hair, skin and nails. Check out the following reasons why you should be taking spirulina daily.

Spirulina for Beauty: Healthy Skin

With a high content of vitamin A, B-12, calcium, iron and phosphorous, spirulina works wonders for overall skin health. Take it daily for a toned, youthful look and apply topically as a mask for a healthy glow.

The antioxidants found in spirulina destroy free radicals, which leads to aging skin. Spirulina also contains vitamin E, tyrosine and selenium; all of which help prevent the aging process.

Facilitate cell turnover and increase your skin’s metabolism with spirulina to help heal sun damage, acne, or scarring left behind. By eliminating toxins from the body, it also removes impurities from the skin.

Spirulina for Beauty: Healthy Hair

Keep your hair strong and glossy the natural way with a daily dose of spirulina. A complete protein and an excellent source of iron and essential fatty acids, it improves hair texture while preventing dry and brittle strands.

Widely used to combat problems such as hair thinning and baldness, when applied externally, spirulina helps promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Find a shampoo or conditioning treatment that lists spirulina as an ingredient.

Stimulate beneficial flora in your digestive tract to promote healthy digestion and bowel movements with a daily dose of spirulina. Acting as a natural cleanser, it helps removes toxins from the body.

Spirulina for Beauty: Healthy Nails

Through its high content of iron, essential amino acids and carotenoids, spirulina promotes strong and healthy nails. If you suffer from nail ridges or other problems, start taking spirulina and you can expect to see improvements in about four weeks.

Packed with protein and essential amino acids, spirulina works to fuel up your cells and boost your metabolism. As a nutrient dense super food, it also works as a natural appetite suppressant and keeps hunger pangs at bay.

During your period, help your body gradually rid itself of pollutants and restore its energy by taking spirulina daily. With the help of spirulina, women experience less PMS symptoms and easier menstruation.

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