Stella McCartney for Adidas to Star Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki

So, LUX-sport enthusiasts it seems the super fabulous Stella McCartney has enlisted the talented and beautiful Caroline Wozniacki to be the face for this fall!!

For those of you who are not avid tennis fans, Wozniacki is the ninth-seeded tennis champion from Denmark. Not only will she be posing with the “Stella attitude” in ads, she will also be dressed in the stylish, sporty attire on the court!

Expect her to feature some of the ‘key’ pieces in this new collection, such as a performance dress that has the new ‘climalite’ technology ideal for any activity that just might make you break a sweat!! This collection will feature a variety of new fall color palettes such as smoked pinks, dark purples, and seed pearls.

Launched in 2005, this collection has attire for the following heart-pumpin’ activities: golf, running, gym dance, gym yoga, gym studio, swim and winter sports! So be sure to check out Wozniacki in upcoming tournes and know that you could be that stylish too!! wink

Fashionable, yet wearable this collection just might inspire you to pick up your racket and hit the court in style!! It sure does make me want to refresh my skills on the court and use this as an excuse to update my wardrobe for my outdoor affairs!!

So, LUXies, what do you think?? Does stylish sporting gear motivate you to want to be more active??

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