Street Scene: Camouflage

Stylish bloggers across the globe are being all they can be in camouflage. The army print that was once popular in the ‘90s thanks to collections from John Galliano, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, and of course, a little era known as Grunge, is making a comeback. In its standard shades of green, camouflage is showing a chicer side this time around with jackets, skirts, pants and accessories. Take a cue from these trendsetters and add a little camouflage to your wardrobe.


Photo Courtesy of Pony Hunter

Laura Allard-Fleishl of Pony Hunter added just a touch of camouflage by accessorizing her shorts and colorblock jacket with a beanie.


Photo Courtesy of Fashion Hedonism

The army print showed a sweeter side with a mini skirt on Fashion Hedonism.


Photo Courtesy of Lovely by Lucy

Lucy mixed a camo jacket and leather pants on Lovely by Lucy for some cool edge.


Photo Courtesy of Come Over to the Dark Side We Have Candy

Cindy van der Heyden of Come Over to the Dark Side We Have Candy made camouflage skinny jeans chic with mid-height suede boots.


Photo Courtesy of Pink Horrowshow

Giving a black ensemble an extra dose of toughness, Pink Horrowshow’s Frances Kwon added an army jacket to leather shorts and an asymmetrical top.

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