Sustainable ‘Eco-LUX’ Summer Wear from Australian Based Emobi

Calling all bathing beauties! There is now an alternative to our summer attire that is eco-friendly as well as fashionable. What could be more LUX? wink

Think ‘fashion-forward’ when trying on designs by the Austrailian based Emobi. Their summer collection offers bikini, halter or tankini attire built to flatter and fit from the voluminous to the petite. All pieces are made from water-based dyes, which are much more environmentally friendly then alternatives, and UPF 50+ fabrics for additional sun protection!! Guarding your skin while simultaneously helping the planet—this company is totally LUXified!

Want high-end fashion and LUX? Well, swimwear designer Ashley Paige, offers up a variety of custom knit bikinis for the lounging sun goddess. Worn by Hollywood A-list, this is a bikini that is made with YOU in mind. Paige, will make you stand out in true LUX-style with an ‘original custom designed’ version. You have the freedom to choose your fit, style and color to reflect the true you. wink

More of a laid-back eco- ‘blue’ jeans girl? Duex fm’s ‘Lulu String Bikini’ just might be the perfect fit. Made with the ‘recycled denim, organic cotton and bamboo lining’ it is eco all around. Produced in Canada , Duex fm guarantees fair labor practices and the promise of only environmentally friendly fabrics. Serving up style with ethics, Duex fm is definitely eco-chic!

Looking for vintage? Junglegurl offers a ‘one of a kind eco-friendly swimwear made from recycled vintage garments.’ Designer, Natalie Golonka, former model and actress has decided to start her own line of designer swimwear. Transforming her vintage fabrics acquired over time with all of her global travel and repurposes them into FAB and flattering swimwear. Her designs have been showcased in Fred Segal and Planet Blue. Her collection is unique and geared towards children as well as LUX ladies!

Sustainable fabrics and environmentally conscious is the name of the game for designer Jenny Hwa of Loyale. Her company offers a variety of clothing that is made with ‘understated sophistication and alluring fit’ for the coming months. Our FAV was the ‘hermosa bikini’ that offered 100% organic cotton fabrics with a flirty twist.

Want eco-sexy this summer? Try Niksters, who specialize in eco-bikini’s with sex-appeal. Their Brazilian-inspired collection offers a variety of different styles, colors and patterns to fit most fashion tastes. Once again taking the ‘green’ approach through production practices, but not losing the LUX-appeal.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to buy green this summer! Share with us below, which swim suit most entices you to tap into that eco-conscious LUXie?


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