“The September Issue,” R.J. Cutler’s Documentary About Vogue Editrix, Anna Wintour

LUXies, the much-anticipated documentary about the ‘Governess of Fashion,’ Anna Wintour, has just launched in theaters this past weekend!

Wintour is a fierce icon that has influenced the fashion industry from behind her desk at Vogue. Back in May you might remember, we featured a glimpse into the living legend with her 60 Minutes appearance, and now you’ll have the chance to even see more!!!

Described as a ‘Devil Wears Prada’ epic, RJ’s Cutler’s documentary, The September Issue, promises to definitely portray the reality of the fashion industry and showcase a rare view into the life of the perfectly coiffed ‘benevolent dictator’ as described by the NY Post.

To have a window into the life of Anna Wintour, is something close to what luxury will be like next year. It’s something we’ll lust after and admire, but really, it’ll be something that will be experienced and reserved for those who are well beyond the black.

“This peek inside the star chamber is juicy viewing on a number of levels,” writes the Post, suggesting that, most interestingly, the film chronicles “Paris before the Revolution, before the bottom fell out of the Park Avenue parquet, the world Wintour courted and documented so finely in the pages of her magazine.”

This film is right on the heels of Condé Nast recently announcing their hire of McKinsey & Co. to re-examine the large budgets of the American arm, including Anna Wintour. So, the movie does beg to ask what does the future look like for Wintour? And, how will these economic changes impact her influence in an industry that favors the young?? We admire and respect her. She’s fierce, adaptable, and has an eye that channels all the creative muses. But never the less, it seems that even the leaders within their industry cannot escape change forever…

So LUX-fashionistas, what do you think? Is this on your must-see movie list??

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