The people’s choice for Middleton’s dress

Guesses which bridal style Kate Middleton will ultimately pick for her big day are still running rampant. Regal? Modern? It’s anybody’s game. What would your choice be?

WWD decided to find out what the public was imagining Middleton should choose. Using online interactive gaming software First Insight as a platform, users were able to indulge in some fantasy royal styling.

Fully 338 participants played the game, taking about five minutes to give a thumbs up or down to various looks. The results generated an image combining those traits.

The winning dress: a princess-cut, beaded, sleeveless gown, made of white satin, featuring either a V-neck or strapless neckline, with a long train. Roses and tiaras, not veils, also pulled in the votes.

Middleton may or may not be interested in the public’s opinion of her gown. But whatever she ends up strutting down the aisle in, it will likely set a new trend.

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LadyLUX via WWD

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