The Right to Sight: Warby Parker Eyewear

As everyone in the fashion world knows, price does not always translate to quality. While we’ve learned that boutique brands can offer great clothing, accessories and goods for a fraction of designer prices….we’ve forgotten about another important part of our wardrobe, eyeglasses. Nowadays it’s commonplace to pay upwards of $300 for your four-eyes. Warby Parker, a Philidelphia-based brand that was started by four Wharton buddies, aims to gives good sight for less and to all.

Since they independently design, manufacture and sell their glasses themselves, they see no reason to crank up their prices to unreasonable levels. Therefore, each pair is only $95. They also don’t compromise quality. The vintage inspired eyewear is made using fine custom acetate and materials. Each pair is custom-made, using polycarbonate, anti-reflective prescription lenses.

All four founders – Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, Jeffrey Raider and David Gilboa—have a common curiosity for the world and have translated their spiritual quests into a charitable arm of their company. For every pair of glasses sold, one pair is sent to a person in need. With glasses sent to people all over the world—from our own nation, to Latin America, Africa and South Asia – Warby Parker makes sure that their creative genius isn’t only worn on a select few but used to give vision to the world.

Warby Parker is not short on generosity. The chic eyebrand allows patrons to try on, and return for free and there are no shipping charges. That’s right, you just pay for your glasses and you’re set.

Inspired by (and named after) Jack Kerouac’s characters and his nomadic lifestyle, Warby Parker captured their mission in a sentence, “Kerouac inspired a generation to take a road less traveled and to see the world through a different lens.”

Visit their web site at WarbyParker.com for a chance to try out their styles and give sight to all.

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