The Vatican Launches

As a way to speak the ‘language’ of the younger tech-savvy Catholics, the Vatican has created several applications to allow for more direct communication with Pope Benedict XVI.

They have created applications to fit with Facebook, wiki, youtube and the iPhone to attract a younger generation to the messages of the Pope and to support their faith in Catholicism. was launched yesterday to coincide with the 43rd annual ‘World Communications Day’ this Sunday. The theme is ‘New Technologies, New Relationships; Promoting a Culture of Respect, Dialogue and Friendship. ‘ This site offers any easy way to stay up on the happenstance of the Pope, including instant travel updates, easy access to his homilies, speeches and to watch videos of him.

(Block Quote) The Facebook application, called ‘The Pope Meets You on Facebook,’ allows users to send and receive 20 “virtual postcards” of him along with text taken from his speeches and messages, while the iPhone application offers audio and video content in eight different languages, including Chinese. –

The driving force behind this change is to develop a more effective vehicle for developing interactivity among the younger population of Catholics by utilizing digital technologies that are changing the landscape of ‘communication and human relationships.’ A cultural shift is happening in the way we communicate and in order to work with this evolving technology, the Vatican had to find a way to work with it and not against it, hence this year’s communication day theme.

Embracing technology and building relationships seem to be the theme here. We here at LadyLUX are happy to see that even traditional aspects of culture and religion can be tech literate. It’s honorable for the Pope and the Vatican to take such huge advancements in finding modern ways to communicate and build community.

To find out more, visit the Vatican’s official site.

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