Tony Duquette’s apprentice debuts jewelry on HSN

The son of architects, Hutton Wilkinson became an apprentice for iconic designer and decorator, Tony Duquette, when he was only 18 years old. He worked alongside Duquette at his Dawnridge estate, designing celebrity apartments, flying off to Venice to decorate a socialite's palazzo and creating jewelry that would top Hollywood's biggest stars. It's easy to see Duquette's influence on Wilkinson's art form, from his silk drapery designs to his new jewelry line. Set to debut tonight at 8pm PST on HSN, the line exudes his appreciation for architecture and his no-holds-barred approach to design. Duquette, whose motto was “more is more”, didn't understand the concept of “over the top”. Exaggerated and opulent, whether it was a party or the interior of his estate, he used his creative juices until they were absolutely dried up. Wilkinson's line for HSN, which is priced from $20 to $200, features beautiful costume jewelry for an insanely reasonable price. Pavé stones, chunky gold, faux jade, and colorful enamel bring enormous detail and craftsmanship to each of his pieces. Reminiscent to jewels once seen on the silver screen, Wilkinson uses Duquette's appreciation for big, bold statements to dictate his collection.

His second book about Duqette, More is More, is out on bookshelves and features sneak peeks at Dawnridge's most spectacular soirees and provides an intimate look at his mentor's life. If you can't get to the book store straight away, check out Vanity Fair's story on Wilkinson and photos he provided from the new book.

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