Tour de France: Empowering ‘Chalk Art’ Written by YOU

LUXies, Tour de France in itself is a challenge and a joy to watch, but now you have an opportunity to be even more ‘active’ in communicating messages of hope, action and support; thanks to the creative technology of the Chalkbot, and your participation!!

Nike, Livestrong Foundation, Wieden + Kennedy and Portland have come together to create a ‘robot’ machine aimed at taking your messages and transforming them into ‘word art’ decorating the path of the Tour de France!! This takes graffiti and street painting to a whole new level. How LUX-tastic is this??

People, such as you and I, are encouraged to send messages in via the campaign website, online banners, text messages or Twitter.

Like a giant dot-matrix printer on wheels, Chalkbot sprays a liquid chalk mixture onto pieces of road about eight hours ahead of the Tour bikers. The person who originally submitted the message will then receive a link to a robot-captured photo of the chalk design along with its GPS coordinates as a record of their words in the physical world. –via

Once submitted, the messages must be reviewed and approved before Chalkbot can officially inscribe your poignantly personalized messages on the asphalt!! This project plans to take up to 100,000 messages though and it truly brings to life the ‘power of our words.’

Own a piece of the road at the Tour de France. Write your message and it will be sent to the Nike LIVESTRONG Chalkbot. What words of hope, inspiration and encouragement will you share with the world? –via The Nike & Livestrong Official Site

So, LUX Nation what do you think of Chalkbot?? Does this encourage you to tap your creative genius and spread your words of wisdom globally?? What DO YOU HAVE TO SAY???

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