Twitter Platform Inspires TV Producers

LUX fans, your favorite 140-character online communication tool could be the next star of a television series! And that’s not the only star that’s bringing lots of attention to this Hollywood deal! Reveille productions and Brillstein Entertainment Partners are set to develop a series premised upon Twitter’s popular platform and how LaLa Land’s A List are using it!! This series is aimed at taking this growing phenomenon and combining it into a competitive format to follow celebrities using people from around the world. This promises to make TV much more interactive!!

Reveille productions are best known for ‘The Office, Ugly Betty, The Biggest Loser, and American Gladiators.’ Brillstein Entertainment’s best credits include ‘The Sopranos, NewsRadio and According to Jim.’ This experienced and fruitful pairing might be exactly what Twitter needs to translate to this new medium successfully!

“Twitter is transforming the way people communicate, especially celebrities and their fans,” Reveille managing director, Howard T. Owens, who expects this new project to “unlock Twitter’s potential on TV.” –via

The San Francisco-based Twitter has grown immensely since its launch in 2007. According to a recent report from Nielson, last year Twitter had 475,000 users and this year they have almost 7 million users to date, making it one of the fastest growing sites on the internet!

Lady LUX & Co. is looking forward to seeing how this interesting mix of tech, celeb, and brilliant media icons possibly translate into the next big buzzed about thing! What do you think? Is this something you might set your TiVo for LUX Nation?!?


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