Uncover:  The Evolution of Underwear

LUXies, have you ever wondered about your under garments? Perhaps the questions of how we came to adorn ourselves with such lacy, spandex, and racy styles of lingerie has crossed your mind!?! Well, the Fashion and Textile Museum is launching a new LUX exhibit to fully demonstrate just that; called ‘Undercover: The Evolution of Underwear.’

The influence of cultural standards and social norms will be evident in this historic review of under garments. A number of themes will be explored through this exhibit: celebrity branding, research and innovation, and advertising’s role in defining what’s ‘in.’

The exhibition presents a visual demonstration of how female underwear has evolved as women’s role in society changed. It encompasses the changing trends from the ‘flatten it’ to the ‘push it up’ to the ‘let it all hang out’! Undercover contains some exquisite pieces from a wide range of private and public collections that read like the Who’s Who of underwear; M&S, Triumph, La Perla, Christian Dior, Elle Macpherson, Myla and Wonderbra – to name just a few. –Via FTMLondon.org

Not to mention, a specially made La Perla lace corset cuff and boudoir macramé mask are available for sale exclusively at the exhibit. All proceeds will go towards ‘Breast Cancer Care. ‘ What could be more LUX then combining philanthropy with Fashion?

Undercover: The Evolution of Underwear opens on June 12th in London and will run through September of this year. To find out more, visit FTMLondon.org.

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