Unique Jewelry to ‘Wear’ Your Story

Hello my Lovies, we’ve just come across a really cool and unique company that encourages you to tell your story in a way that honors your individual journey; battle wounds and all. wink

Here’s the scope; this company, It’s My Scar, is revolutionizing how we view our ‘physical scars’ by funneling the energy from this past experience into inspiration for a unique piece of jewelry. It is a cool way to take on the ‘healing’ process and honor yourself by telling your story in such an artistic manner.

Whether the scar comes from cancer surgery, accidents, c-sections, military wounds or sports injuries, our scars memorialize our unique personal experiences. —-It’s My Scar website

Our physical ‘scars’ act as a reminder of our past and tell a part of our story to the world. To honor the strength and courage it took too successfully make it through this part of your story, It’s My Scar has created a way for you to ‘claim your past and wear your story.’ Francesca, the Founder, was inspired to do so through her own personal experience after having her thyroid removed due to cancer. By telling her own story she continues to touch people’s lives through her company that encourages people to find beauty in their scars and creates a space for each of her customers to actually tell their story on the site. Read more unique ‘scar stories’ that aim to inspire!

So how do they do it? Each piece is made to your specifications, in terms of the size, jewelry type and the specifications of the metal used. A wax rendering of your scar is created from a picture you send in of your scar with your request for purchase. Each piece is completely customized for you and usually falls in the price range of $200-1500.

It’s My Scar is a FAB way to tell your story in true LUX fashion. To check out more, visit It’s My Scar.

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