Upcycle: Turn your Leather Coat into a LUX Handbag from reMade USA

LUXies, all though green fashion is great for the environment it doesn’t always meet the standards of us fashionistas! So when you find a company that is able to translate ‘repurposing’ into fashion for high demand, it’s something to keep on the radar!!

That’s exactly what San Francisco designer Shannon South does as part of her company, reMade USA. The company has perfected a way to turn ‘pre-loved leather clothing’ into upcycled GLAM and eco-chic handbags!! What could be more LUX?!? wink

Part of the mission of reMade USA, is to create awareness through beautiful products, while leaving the tiniest footprint possible. –via Shannon South, founder of reMade USA

Each bag is custom made by South herself—from the deconstruction of the leather jacket to the last stitch, it most definitely is a labor of love! Due to effort, the quantity of bags available is usual limited to about 10-14 at a time. Each bag is lined with ‘reclaimed’ vintage scarves and bares a ‘unique’ serial number as proof of authenticity.

I see reMade USA as part of a back-to-basics, holistic approach that is in line with the way I try to live my life. It sees beauty in the past, praises a lifestyle of ‘making do’ and has a deep appreciation for things that have been cultivated by hand—be it tomatoes from a garden, a piece of wood from a salvage yard, or a bag that has been hand-crafted from an old jacket. –via Shannon South, on what reMade USA stands for

As you can see LUX Nation, this post is not just about another bag designer implementing ‘sustainable’ practices. It represents what we here at LadyLUX are all about, congruency and living according to your values. We choose to showcase reMade USA and Shannon South because she makes beautiful handbags and because she is a role model. ‘Upcycling one leather jacket at a time’ allows her to combine her passion for our planet, design and wanting to make a positive difference in this world!!

Tell us, what inspires you?!?


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