Valentine’s Day, not just a Hallmark Holiday

Today is Valentine's Day, a holiday that typically is thought of as the day in which you are “supposed” to give a gift, chocolates, flowers, jewelry, a card, etc., to your significant other. A day that has caused us to only feel valued if we receive something or if we have someone to go to dinner with. A feeling of obligation has been created around this day causing many to develop a sour taste in their mouth, and leaving others just plain bitter. Somewhere, somehow, we got way off track. Valentine's Day is not about “presents” at all, it is about opening your heart and sharing the love inside with everyone you meet. Make eye contact and smile at the person you pass on the sidewalk, or the driver in the car next to you at the stoplight, stop and say hi to your neighbor, pick up the empty can that was thrown on the beach, call that friend or relative you have been meaning to reach out to, simple ways of opening up, showing you care, and making others feel special.

Valentine's Day, celebrated the LUX way, is about bringing a little joy and happiness into the lives of others through simple and random acts of kindness. Simply put, this day is a reminder to share your love.

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