Vera Wang Launches New ‘Glam Princess’ Scent Campaign

Vera Wang’s brand has extended into a new line made for those LUXies who are inspired to tap into their modern-day LUX princess.

This ‘princess brand’ embodies the version of today’s modern princess who is made to be fiercely independent, yet LUX from head to toe!

Made to tantalize the olfactory senses of true princess from simple frogs, this new scent ‘Glam Princess’ was created to increase the lust factor. Now this ‘Princess’ extension has been completely revamped with a new formula, new packaging and even a new face, Zoë Kravitz!

“Zoë Kravitz is a young woman with many facets — an actress, a musician, a celebrity and definitely a fashionista with amazing style,” said Miller, adding the ad theme remains similar — a modern-day princess, living her life and revealing herself through her fragrance. “She will be the face of VW Princess and all of our flankers over the next two years.”

This new fragrance will hit approximately 2,800 stores worldwide come December. Expect two different sizes available for purchase—1.7 oz. for $45 and a 3.4 oz for $72, including a 5 oz lotion option.

This new ‘GLAM’ scent comes after the successful launch of ‘Rock Princess’ back in April of this year.

So LUXies, what do you think of this new modern-day princess appeal? Is it something that intrigues you to tease your olfactory senses with?

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