Victoria Beckham to Become a Regular on American Idol?

With Season 9 in its second week, we find it even more exciting to report that the iconic Victoria Beckham might be making a long lasting appearance on American Idol.

Now it might not be what you think LUXies. Even though she filled in the space as guest judge last week in Boston, rumor has it that she’s been offered a position as stylist to the Idols for at least four episodes!

That’s right, this fashionista will be putting her creative talent to work in a whole new way. With her known clothing line and fashion expertise, it’s no surprise since the show could use a boost in the fashion department. This would definitely be an amazing opportunity for Beckham to gain even more exposure for her line and gain more creditability with this national debut of her talent!

So LUXies, what do you think of Beckham becoming the next stylist for the show? Did you like her as a guest judge on last week’s season premiere?

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