Victoria’s Secret Plans International Expansion

Well-known sexy lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret will soon expand its market internationally.

Once only a Stateside LUX-ury, Victoria’s Secret is now going global. Great news for all those LUXies living abroad looking for intimate apparel!

A main focus will be creating branding in the UK, which is often dubbed to be the ‘fashion capital of Europe.’ From past efforts, it’s clear that the UK holds the key to a successful launch abroad and will most likely be the location of the first Victoria’s Secret flagship store.

Expect to also see an ‘etail’ site made just for the European marketplace, including ‘euro fulfillment, transactions in Euros, next-day delivery and a returns facility.’

Coordinating the efforts will be US fashion and beauty force Limited Brands, who will be partnering with Victoria’s Secret to roll out this agenda. Expect more news come 2010.

So LUXies who love adorning intimate apparel, what do you think of this new expansion for the U.S. brand?

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