Virtual Shopping Made Easy with Zugara’s Fashionista App

LUX-shoppers rejoice!

There’s now a cool app, Fashionista, created by Zugara that allows you to have a virtual dressing room via your laptop.

That’s right; you can actually take a picture of yourself in this potential new attire and even get second opinions from your besties by uploading the images to Facebook. Can you see how this nifty new app feature offers you online shopping freedom without the hit and miss approach that’s become the norm for shopping virtually?

By using an AR marker to clearly mark the location for each garment location, you can easily maneuver the app with a simple flick of the wrist. Be sure to check out the video above and let us know what you think of this new tech shopping approach!

This cool new app is currently being utilized online at tobi.com so you can experience it for yourself. All you need to ‘try out’ this ‘augmented reality dressing room’ is a connected laptop and a camera.

We would love to know how all you LUX-shoppers out there feel about this tech-savvy fitting room approach. Drop us a line below and share. Does this new app inspire you to break out your laptop and cam and give it a whirl?

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