Vogue Italia Ends the Decade with a Cover Inspired by Twitter

Twitter fashionistas, as you know, technology continues to influence our way of living and has such a strong impact on our everyday lives. This is evident in the cover tribute to the social networking platform, Twitter by Vogue Italia.

Steven Meisel once again pays homage to the role of tech in fashion with this multi-angle cover. The last time he did this was back in 2007, when it was all about webcams and YouTube.

The LUX feature of this cover is that all of the photos utilized were actually self-taken by the models themselves using Twitpic. The photo sharing option made possible through the Twitter platform. Some of the fabulous faces include: Lara Stone, Natalia Vodianova, Christy Turlington and Gisele Bundchen.

So LUXies, what do you think of this tribute to the Twitter platform? What’s the relationship with tech and fashion for you? Are you a fan of Twitpic?

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