Volvo Infuses Eco-Upgrade to London’s Double Deck Buses

LUXies, London ‘double deck’ buses have just got a major sustainable upgrade by Volvo!! Now they have six new hybrid bus conversions that aim to cut down CO2 emissions, smog and save on fuel consumption as well!!

Volvo’s hybrid vehicles can reduce fuel consumption and therefore also emissions of greenhouse gases by about one-third, when compared with conventional diesel-powered vehicles.—via Green Car Congress

Volvo has created an integrated technology system, I-SAM, which is made specifically for heavy-duty hybrid vehicles! This system involves a powerful starter, alternator and motor that offers all of the speed and power of traditional engines without the standard level of pollution!!

This new engine system utilizes electricity completely up to 20 kph (12 mph) and then shifts into traditional diesel functionality, which helps to recharge the electric motor component. The double-deck buses even help to recharge the battery every time the brakes are engaged, which even makes this Volvo system superior to previous versions!!

In high-end traffic spots and idling areas, these new buses use pure electric energy instead of fuel, which definitely makes them a successful eco-solution! Innovative technology that is both good for the environment and good for the people makes definitely makes the LUX cut!!

It’s awesome to see sustainable technology being implemented in such big way!! We here are LadyLUX, are definitely excited to see Volvo leading the charge for making public transportation ‘environmentally sound’ and improving on current hybrid technology!! We believe this is definitely a huge step in the right direction!!

So LUX Nation, what do you think about this eco-upgrade?

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