Will United States and Mexico Unite Against Drug-Related Violence?

Obama headed out today on his Latin American tour, stopping first to meet with President Calderon of Mexico; on the agenda, immigration, trade and most importantly, drug-related violence. A worthy note, is that this is the first time in 12 years our President has traveled to this country. This act clearly demonstrates the importance of working together to resolve shared problems to effectively create positive change and sustain a collaborative relationship.

“Since taking office, Mr. Obama and his aides have been working assiduously to carve out a Mexico policy that talks of “shared responsibility” in combating the drug problem. The president is likely to use his visit here to acknowledge that illicit drug consumption by Americans plays a role — an admission that experts predict will go a long way toward building goodwill on this side of the border.” Quote NY Times

In the interview with ABC, President Calderone discusses the current climate of Mexico and some contributing factors for the excessive drug-related violence. Calderone references America's firearm laws and US currency among the primary causes of the border violence and killings, two issues that will certainly be up for discussion when he meets with our president.

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