Women Designers Expand Focus and Appeal

LUXies, it seems one major advantage of this economic landscape is that it acts as a natural force for businesses and designers to start becoming more creative in what they offer us, the consumer!! How LUX-tastic for us, the consumer, right?!?

This is evident in a growing trend for major women designers to diversify their product options into areas that we might least expect!! Such as Steve Madden developing chic linens for Target this year, Ferragamo expanding his eye for elegance and quality into home accessories, like candles and fragrant room sprays—Tory Burch is now LUX-ing us with avant-garde eyewear and Elizabeth Brady offering extraordinarily sexy designed handbags and mod jewelry!!

“Brands are trying to find an opportunity to sustain their volume and keep the cachet of their brand alive,” said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at The NPD Group. –via WWD.com

The finesse of expanding brands to encompass a more holistic lifestyle concept rather than a niche market specialization is definitely something that is an art within itself. It seems the ones that are most successful at broadening their approach tend to be the ones with a real loyal consumer base!! That means you, LUXies, have a major influence on the success of these designers!

So to all of you loyal LUX consumers, what do you think? Are you excited about this new fashion expansion?? Which coveted designers are YOU looking to incorporate into your lifestyle statements?

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