Your Guide to Green style: Day Date

You'd never think that this simple grey dress is saving the environment, but it is. The Corey Reversible dress ($209) is certified organic cotton and is made using low impact dyes. The maker, Kate Organic, regularly collaborates with Trees for The Future and has vowed to plant one tree for every product sold. The jersey fabric, made from cotton and soy, is also reversible—making your dress even more eco-friendly!

Of course, every lady needs a pair of chic shoes and Beyond Skin offers a great animal alternative with their vegan footwear. Handmade in England, the company believes fashion and ethics do not have to be mutually exclusive. All the shoes are made from polyurethane. Although it may look like PVC, polyurethane is much more humble to the environment and doesn't pollute due to harsh chemicals. These green Tallula Platforms ($233) will put a spring in your step as you aid fashion and the earth.

The gold Palm Tree necklace ($188) by Cheeky Monkey, may look like ordinary jewelry but each piece is made from 100% recycled materials. All made in the US, many of his charms feature animals from the endangered species list. The maker, Simon Cardwell, was inspired after working on a game reserve in Africa where he taught children art and sculpture. It also helps that many stars, from Tori Spelling to Nelly Furtado, rock his message around their necks.

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