Beauty Box: LUX-Hair, Aeto Botanica’s Reviving Drops

Want luscious and fabuLUX hair? Well, we’ve found this amazing product that’s meant to do wonders for your precious locks!!

Aeto Botanica’s ‘Reviving Drops’ masterfully uses a paraben-free serum that literally turns back the clock on your delicate and stressed tresses.

Red Algae, extracted from the ocean depths, is a true nutritional reserve for the hair and scalp: rich in oligo-elements and sugars, it hydrates and re-mineralizes deep down. The beneficial properties of red algae extract and the fortifying action of bamboo, plant-origin Amino Acids, and Vitamin F transform each ampoule into the ideal treatment for weak hair with tendency to break easily.—Aeto.com

This powerful smoothing serum has been formulated with the rare ‘Moringa tree elixir’ that moisturizes and protects against further environmental pollutants. What could be more LUX-ifying to help beautify your look, than using elements from mother nature??

Based out of Italy, this product normally retails for about $60 for a 6 capsule set and can be found online through a variety of hair care retailers.

So LUX Nation, are you tempted to try this fabuLUX ‘fountain of youth’ serum on your lovely locks?? We know we are!!

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