Wellness Wednesday: Your Clear Skin Diet

They say your skin is a reflection of your internal health, so ditch the pills and creams and say goodbye to acne forever by focusing on what goes in your body. By filling up on the “good” and avoiding the “bad,” you’ll keep your complexion clear and your skin happy. Here’s what food to eat and avoid for clear, acne free skin.

Foods to Eat For Clear Skin

Fatty Acids: For a smoother, younger looking complexion, add fatty acids to your daily diet. Fatty acids such as omega-3s are anti-inflammatory and also help skin retain water to help you achieve a gorgeous glow.

  • Eat This: Salmon, flax seeds, walnuts, chia seeds

Whole Grains and Seeds: Be sure to get enough fiber in your diet with the addition of whole grains and seeds to keep skin clean. Fiber binds to toxins and helps sweep them out of your body. The selenium in whole grains also works to reduce inflammatory damage.

  • Eat This: Oats, barley, quinoa, brown rice

Fruit: Maintain healthy, acne-free skin by getting your daily dose of phytonutrient and vitamin-filled fruits. Loaded with antioxidants, fruits attack free radicals that cause breakouts and skin damage. Lemons also help detox the body to eliminate toxins for clear skin.

  • Eat This: Mixed berries, cranberries, lemons, apples

Vitamin B6: Tend to break out around that time of the month? Fill up on foods with vitamin B6 to help keep hormone levels in balance and avoid the pesky period bumps. Taking B6 supplements the week before your period will also help.

  • Eat This: Avocados, pistachios, sunflower seeds, tuna

Foods to Avoid for Clear Skin

Sugar: Sugary drinks and snacks throw off your insulin levels and not only lead to inflammation in the body, but the face as well. Avoid this acne-promoting substance by limiting your daily sugar intake. Nosh on a square of dark chocolate when the urge strikes.

  • Avoid This: Soda, desserts, candy, sugary cereals

Processed Foods: Filled with unhealthy fats, processed foods also lead to inflammation and unwanted breakouts. You can also bet that these foods are loaded with sodium, which can cause water retention and skin puffiness.

  • Avoid This: Frozen dinners, hotdogs, instant noodles, store-bought crackers

Caffeine: Skin needs plenty of water to help flush acne-causing toxins out of the body. Caffeine is extremely dehydrating, leaving you with a dull and lackluster complexion. Stick to herbal teas and avoid drinking more than one cup of coffee per day.

  • Avoid This: Coffee, energy drinks, caffeinated teas, soda

Greasy Foods: We know greasy fried foods aren’t good for our bodies and they’re also not good for our skin. Filled with trans-fatty acids, they boost the production of breakout causing hormones. Avoid these types of foods, especially around your period.

  • Avoid This: French fries, pizza, chips, margarine

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