DIY: 10 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and we’re getting creative with everyone’s favorite holiday activity – decorating pumpkins! Put the knives away, these 10 ideas require no carving! With a little lace, sequins and glitter, you can have the fanciest pumpkins on the block, so read on and let’s get started.

Rhinestone Spider Web

Rhinestone Spider Web Pumpkin

Go for a little glam by decorating a rhinestone pumpkin. Try a creative design or a festive spider web to suit the occasion. A silver spider crawling up the side adds the finishing touch.

Chalkboard Pumpkin

DIY Chalkboard Pumpkin

It seems chalkboard paint is used everywhere these days so why not make a chalkboard pumpkin? Write Halloween inspired sayings, draw a picture or try a Halloween countdown by changing the number each day.

Glitz & Glitter

DIY Glitter Pumpkins

The past couple years it’s been all about glitter pumpkins and we’re loving this sparkly way to dress them up for the season. Drill out the stem and add a candle for a festive touch. This can be done in large or small pumpkins and serve as a great centerpiece.

Crayon Drip Pumpkin

DIY Crayon Pumpkin

Get super creative this year with a candy corn inspired crayon drip pumpkin. Simply glue yellow and orange hued crayons around the stem of the pumpkin and use a blow dryer to slowly melt the crayons. Brilliant!

Painted Ghost

Ghost Painted Pumpkin

Bust out the paints and try your hand at a ghost painted pumpkin this year. You don’t need to be a professional to complete this simple design. Finish with a pair of googly eyes and a chain.

Lovely Lace

Lace Pumpkins

Dress a white or orange pumpkin in delicate black lace for a festive and fancy Halloween decoration. Use lace found at a craft store or even lace tights or hose. This simple design takes only a few minutes!

Mod Podge Pumpkin

Modge Podge Pumpkins

With a little mod podge, a brush and some scraps, you can turn your pumpkin into virtually anything! Do a little Pinterest stalking for some crafty ideas and get gluing.

Thumbtack Pumpkin

Thumbtack Pumpkin

Who knew these little suckers could be used to decorate a pumpkin? Whether you opt for silver or gold, you can create any design you want using thumbtacks. Cover the entire pumpkin for an allover metallic effect.

Sequin Swirls

Sequin Pumpkins

Create a pretty blinged out pumpkin by using sequins in a swirl pattern going in all different directions. Go for standard black sequins on an orange pumpkin or opt for gold sequins on white for a classic look.

Monogram Pumpkin

Monogram Pumpkin

Display your initials proudly with a monogram pumpkin. Perfect as a front porch greeting, try doing this freehand or buy a stencil at a craft store for letter perfection.

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