Go Green In The Kitchen

Walking through the farmers market yesterday surrounded by amazing organic, locally grown produce got me to thinking—how healthy and “green” is our cooking and our kitchen? For instance, many are unaware of the harmful chemicals that reside in those convenient non-stick pans. Did you know every time one is used, small amounts of toxins are released into the food we consume and the environment?

This issue got me hot, bothered, and proactively shopping for environmentally friendly kitchen and cooking solutions. Good news, there are lots of new green goodies on the market now to improve your life and health.

Now let's give your kitchen an Eco-makeover!

Start by swapping out wood for sustainable material substitutes such as bamboo or cork. Bambu has a bunch of cool utensils, serving ware, and cutting boards. You name it, they got it, and everything is eco-friendly.

Next up, a solution to the plastic that has invaded our lives without our awareness. Most kitchen's are stacked with lots of it from storage containers to serving bowls to utensils! The best solution is to live plastic-free of course, but until we get there, at least we can buy recycled plastic goods. Lifetime Brands has a line of utensils called EcoLife that is 70% plant, 30% recycled plastic, and the creation process is totally eco-friendly.

Be on the look out for the NextLife seal that will be appearing on products as a symbol of sustainability and labels showing eco-friendly goods made using less water, electricity and recyclable materials.

It is time to go one step beyond buying organic ingredients and become more kitchen conscious, making that magical room where it all comes together healthier for our bodies and our planet. Doesn't it feel good to take care of our mother? smile

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