Lingerie Turns Sci-Fi by Agent Provocateur

What could be more LUX than combining a sexy lingerie collection with a sci-fi inspired photo shoot?

Well, that’s exactly what creative Agent Provocateur lingerie brand has felt inspired to do with its new fall line the ‘New World Order’ Collection.

Agent Provocateur believes that passion and intimacy should be indulged, and that exploring your inner desires and fantasies profoundly enriches your life.—according to their Philosophy Statement

As you can see, this innovative take on sensual nightwear sure fits with the company’s mission to ‘unlock your innermost desires.’

This racy collection doesn’t stop with the sensual sci-fi shoot either. Each ‘mini-collection’ from the line is accompanied with its own mini comic story, complete with villains, superheroes and special powers! This could definitely be the perfect gift for any Comic-Con fan!

Though, the line itself with satin, lace and provocative wear is sure to capture your attention, this whole new shoot will also spin-off into a comic book with the same name. Expect the first issue to be named ‘Mission to Earth,’ which will feature ‘scantily clad femme fatales in a dystopian future run by a fascist regime whose only hope is a breed of “genetic enhanced” super-babes.’ To read more about this you can check out PSFK.com.

So LUX Nation, what are your thoughts about this new themed sensual wear collection? Is your interest peaked to try it on for yourself?

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