‘Lipstick Queen’ Seeks Retail Partnership to Expand in China

Privately owned Lipstick Queen is currently looking for the right partner to expand from Chinatown, New York into China.

Known best for their GLAM, super sheer moisturizing ‘draw on’ gloss, this company is all about the ‘lip service.’ This lip line is both vibrant and unique in packaging, branding and design. Lipstick Queen comes in two main classifications: the ‘saint’ and the ‘sinner.’ Meaning one line of lip gear comes in sheer colors, the saint, and the sinner is much more bold in it’s slick hues.

The opportunities for immense growth is abundant in the ‘world’s most populous Nation.’ Just last month ‘retail sales rose 15.2% on year and this was the third straight month the nation posted growth of 15% or more, per government stats.’

Though, don’t expect a speedy decision for the popular line. Poppy King, founder and chief executive, is determined to find the most appropriate retail partner to ensure success as she is carefully weighing all of her options!

“I think I’ve got enough products that will be interesting to the Asian women, get the right retailer or business partner,” King said. “It’s a very intimate product, it’s a gateway to your mouth.”

No stranger to success. At the age of 18, King started her own Poppy brand lip product that she sold to Estee Lauder Co. about 12 years later. After working for them, she realized she was an entrepreneur at heart and decided to start her own line once again; hence Lipstick Queen was born and now generates $2 million of annual sales. With her past success, many have no doubt this popular line worn by many celebrities today will soon be a common household name for the Asian market as well.

She is also not a stranger to striking up the best partnerships. She does currently have quite a presence in Hong Kong with retail partner, Joyce Boutique Holdings Ltd, which specializes in designer wear.

So LUX Nation, are you Lipstick Queens? Do you think it’s a smart move for them to set their sites on China?

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