LUX-Denim: Modern Jeans to Fit Your Curves

As women know, finding the ‘ideal’ pair of jeans, can be a less than a LUX-process!

Frustrated by the process, Cookie Johnson decided to take matters into her own hands and create a line for the modern woman! She contacted denim veteran, Michael Glasser, who masterfully co-founded both Seven For All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity brands to create a denim collection made for real women, inspired by real women. Cookie, who’s no stranger to the spotlight, is the beautiful wife of basketball legend Magic Johnson, requested that Glasser be a part of designing jeans with the curvy women in mind!!

“I had a hard time finding jeans to fit me because I have a butt and thighs,” said Cookie Johnson, who is 50 years old. “I’d try on 20 pairs of jeans and couldn’t get them past my knees. After beating myself up, I realized this really isn’t about me, it’s the industry.”

Forming a ‘joint venture’ with Glasser, Cookie and veteran designer Joie Rucker, decided to launch CJ by Cookie Johnson in Nordstrom this past February to test the demand. Having reservations at first, Glasser was unsure of the design focus—well, that was until he saw women trying on the first ‘sample’ designs of the ‘CJ’ line where tears were brought to the women’s eyes because ‘they had finally found a jean that fit.’

Made with Japanese and Italian denim, this new ‘CJ’ premium line fits waists from 24 to 38 inches and goes all the way up to 18 in size. This is where they are definitely made for the real women in mind, since more premium denim lines only go to size 12. Some of the most popular styles in the line include: a slim boot cut, distressed boyfriend and snug legging. The line ranges in price from $145 – 198, which is comparable to many of the LUX denim brands.

If you’re looking to try on your own pair, be sure to visit a Nordstrom near you! Though look for styles to hit Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s this September.

So jean-obsessed, what do you think? Does this CJ line inspire you to trade in your old pairs and invest in one that was made for the ‘real’ you in mind??

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Photo courtesy Cj by Cookie Johnson

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