Out of Africa Makes a Global Difference with LUX Skin Products

What could be more LUX than a company that offers an organic line of products that benefits the surrounding area in which it’s produced as well as the health of your skin?!? Well, that’s exactly what Out of Africa products offer when you help support this Southern California based company with your purchasing power!!

Out of Africa ‘works with women cooperatives in Benin, West Africa to harvest and produce the finest shea butter.’ This crucial ‘unrefined’ ingredient is then incorporated into the company’s products to maximize the natural minerals and healing properties of this key ingredient. Good for your skin and good for the West African communities!! Totally LUX.

As the global need for all-natural products and the popularity of shea butter products continues to grow, Out of Africa® is able to offer premium quality skincare products at affordable prices—as well as help the people of West Africa. And as demand for shea butter products increases, so does the number of jobs for these women, which aids the local economy. –via press release

Not to mention LUXies, every time you purchase an Out of Africa® product, 3% of the sales are donated to the Benin Education Fund to help West African children attend school. Every child deserves an education—providing an opportunity to educate a child is just like saving a life. The better equipped a child becomes early on, means the greater the chance for health and success as an adult.

We here at LadyLUX encourage you to explore the products offered at Out of Africa! By supporting a socially responsible company while indulging in oh-so good for the skin LUX shea butter products like Lemon Verbena Body Wash, Lavender Shea Butter, Vanilla Milk Shea Butter Body Lotion, and Tea Tree Hand Soap, you’re helping a community who believes in putting their local resources to work for them. So why not be a part of the global solution and purchase one thoughtful LUX product at a time?


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