Pamper Yourself With These Simple Things

Take time to take care of yourself

Sometimes we get so busy helping others and doing things for our friends, that we forget to take care of ourselves. It’s important to stop, take a break, and treat ourselves on occasion.

Here are 20 easy ways to pamper yourself, from a decadently relaxing massage at the spa, to a cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows paired with a good book.

Pick out one or two – or more – and treat yourself this weekend.

Pamper Yourself With These Simple Things

Get a mani/pedi

Grace Mahoney, bridal hair and makeup artist and owner of Blushing Brides, shared her top five tips for relaxation:

1. Manicure: I don't care how crazy my life gets, if I'm able to have someone else do something as small as my nails for 45 minutes to an hour, it's like having a quick break on my favorite beach and is just so refreshing.

2. Massage: Oh. My. Goodness. There is nothing that can more easily and quickly take away all the stress of the week than a good old fashioned massage. It's just ahhhhhhhhh.

3. Bubble bath: Something about sitting in the tub with some bubbles cradling you and maybe the smell of some relaxing lavender just puts your mind at ease and reminds you that all is right in the world. So simple, so easy, yet so effective.

4. Hot shower: Don't have time for a bubble bath? A hot shower will do just fine. Talk about washing the stress away. One hot shower and I am feeling refreshed, renewed, and like I might even be able to take on the world again.

5. Pedicure: To me, this is like the ultimate spa treatment. I'm getting a pedicure? Hold the phone, there must be something serious going on. An hour of foot rubbing and pampering and I am feeling clean, polished (no pun intended), balanced both mentally and physically, and like I can walk a million miles again in my own shoes. Oh, what a feeling.

Pamper Yourself With These Simple Things

Massage at home

6. Get a massage pillow. Buy a high-quality massage pillow, such as Homedics Dual Shiatsu Massage Cushion and it can take you to a whole new level of de-stressing when you need it most. Rid the body of toxins and treat yourself to a home massage every evening. By promoting circulation you are giving your body the natural rejuvenation and recovery it needs. Including two different massage styles, this massage cushion is controlled by a programmable remote which allows you to customize the heat that enters any of the three massage zones.

Splurges are good, too

Allyson Karnowski, 22, lives in Milwaukee and has learned to pamper herself. She shares her favorite methods:

7. Treat yourself with a guilt-free night in. Some days you get home from work only to be pulled into cleaning, grocery shopping, or some other necessity. Try treating yourself for a night with no agenda. Find a new book, grab some wine, light your favorite candle or binge watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix without feeling an ounce of guilt. Tonight is just for you - and that new box of cookies.

8. Splurge. Finally buy that pricey product you pass every time you go to the store. You know you want it and today’s the day you can have your hands on that beautiful new purse you like to carry around while you shop or the best-smelling lotion you sample whenever you can or the special double-digit smoothie you dream of each morning. Spend more money than you like to admit because you deserve it.

Make a list of things that made you the happiest when you were younger

Pamper Yourself With These Simple Things

Childhood memories

Cheryl Hunter, author, speaker and transformational coach, shared her favorite indulgences:

10. Remember your childhood. Make a list of things that made you the happiest when you were younger. Whether it was going down a slide, or walking barefoot in the grass; no matter if it was blasting the radio in the car while singing along, or reading a book with a flashlight under the covers. Chances are your list will be filled with activities that don’t cost a lot of money, and they will likely be things you haven’t done in a long time. In making a list and engaging in those activities again you will get in touch with yourself, awaken a childlike sense of wonder and play again, and return yourself to a time when anything seemed possible.

11. Help others. Generally when we’re thinking of ways to indulge ourselves we look inward. We ask ourselves what do we like; what do we want to do; what would make us happy. It’s counter-intuitive, but one of the best ways to indulge and treat yourself is by finding someone less fortunate and indulging and treating them. The act of providing for another person something that you’d love to have for yourself can provide a much-needed perspective shift, and a deep sense of purpose, contribution and compassion that will last long after the moment is gone.

Pamper Yourself With These Simple Things

Give yourself a time out

Stress expert Kathy Gruver, Ph.D., therapist and author of “Conquer your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques,” shared her tips:

12. Give yourself a time out. We are in a go go go world. And we have to put ourselves on the to do list, even if just for a moment. Find 15 minutes to walk, breathe, be in natural, rock out in your car, whatever works for you. Just do it.

13. Have a compliment session with a girlfriend. Meet a friend for a drink or tea and write down 10 things that you admire, love, appreciate or find beautiful about each other. And tell the other person. Nothing makes us
feel more loved than hearing it and then loving another.

14. Have a fancy night in. Pull out the fine china and crystal, pop some bubbly and enjoy like you're at a 5-star restaurant.

15. Have a pamper party or spa day. Call a girlfriend and give each other mini facials, hand massages or foot rubs. Or bring in the pros to do it for you.

Pamper Yourself With These Simple Things

Add happiness

Jaime Pfeffer, a happiness coach and teacher, writer and radio host, shared her suggestions:

16. Write “I love you, (name)!” on sticky notes and put them up on your mirror, bedside table, on your computer screen, in your car and as your phone screensaver. You'll appreciate the nice, loving surprise for days to come and this activity builds your love for yourself.

17. Commit to five minutes of daily journaling every day. Journaling is scientifically proven to decrease stress and increase clarity and creativity. What a beautiful, easy gift to yourself. Don't know how to journal? Observe your thoughts without judgment and just write. It is amazing what an effect five minutes has in shrinking worries and fears down to size! Journaling has a positive impact on well being and helps you gain clarity.

18. Make “happiness appointments” with yourself and always follow through. How? Create a joy list, containing 5-15 items that bring you joy. These could be anything from smelling flowers to taking a walk to spending time with the person you love. Pick one item from your joy list every day and make an “appointment with joy”. Schedule it your phone and set a reminder. Then, make a point to do it. Within a week, the increased happiness in your life will be evident and you'll feel great.

19. Write yourself five compliments every day. I have done this for the past 13 months and it has radically changed my life and raised my self esteem. This is one of the most-positively impacting activities cited by students of my course, which is based on my book “Uplift: How to Conquer Stress, Boost Happiness and Transform in eight weeks”. Examples of compliments include: “I love you, Jaime! Jaime, you are terrific! I love how you are trying so many new things today!” or “Jaime, outstanding job working out six days in a row this week!”

20. Meditate. Only 8% of the population meditates according to a 2008 study, but more companies are jumping on the bandwagon; and rightfully so. The benefits of meditation include decreased stress, decreased blood pressure levels, increased clarity and increased creativity. These are all factors that make employees more productive, effective and efficient. Meditation is easy, free (download a free guided one here: and anyone can do it. If your office doesn't have a meditation break, sneak away for 5-10 minutes at lunch with your earbuds.

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