The All Natural Easter Egg

Why not keep it all natural this Easter and completely avoid chemicals? Skip the egg dying solutions at the store and stick to what is probably already in your kitchen. That means no artificial ingredients or added coloring! (so they're safe to eat after the hunt!)

Lets start in the spice cupboard. Use cumin, saffron or turmeric for shades of yellow and chili powder for a brownish orange. Try dill for shades of green. Boil water and add spice a little at a time in order to get the desired color shade.

In the beverage department, boiling eggs in coffee or black tea will turn the eggs brown, and cranberry or a little red vino will produce shades of pink and red. For violet or purple eggs boil with grape juice, and for blue use the liquid from a can of blueberries.

Open the fruit and veggie drawer and pull out spinach, carrots, and beets and any fresh or frozen berries. Chop the fruit or veg and boil one cup of water to one handful of ingredient. The more you add and/or the longer you boil the egg, the stronger the color. Red onion peel can be wrapped around an egg, secured with a rubber band and boiled 10+ minutes for a violet blue design with cool patterns.

If your feeling a little frisky and want to get creative, exploring the rest of the kitchen, a good rule of thumb is anything that stains clothing will dye an egg.

For a little added festivity, spruce up cooled eggs with stickers, draw on them with crayons, or cover them with glue and glitter.

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