11 haute wedding trends for 2011

For all those excited brides-to-be out there, The Knot, the No. 1 online wedding planning resource, has unveiled the top wedding trends for 2011. From man caves and romantic candlelight to food trucks and video guest books, these hot trends will guarantee an in-vogue wedding day.

“2011 couples will want a wedding that reflects their personal passions, shows guests a really good time and, ultimately, will be an event that people will talk about for months to come,” Carley Roney, co-founder and editor in chief of, said, according to Business Wire.

If you or someone you know is planning a big day, check out the following ways to get married in style and in fashion, as listed and named by

1. “Prohibition-Era Elegance: The styles of the 1920s are making a comeback at weddings, from wing-tip shoes to lace dresses and jazz music. Of course, in true Prohibition flair, couples are also choosing to celebrate with alcohol from those Roaring ‘20s: moonshine and bathtub gin.

2. “The Redefined Princess”: With endless buzz about her upcoming nuptials, Kate Middleton is more than likely to give the idea of a princess wedding a true makeover. Say sayonara to the traditional princess ball gown: This time, the modern princess is opting for body-skimming silhouettes with a daring train. Add an elegant tiara, some classy sequins and a long veil, and you have all the makings for a true Cinderella wedding.

3. “Sultry Ballerina Style”: Amid all the splash from the “Black Swan” film, brides could be expected to gravitate toward ballet-inspired trends, such as airy plumes, feathered head gear and pinks contrasted with blacks. Many brides are finding late night weddings conducted under dreamy candlelight definitely make for ultimate romance.

4. “Ivy League Chic”: Considering all those stylish preppies from “Gossip Girl,” it’s no wonder that Ivy League looks are back in fashion. Today’s brides are making a statement with plaids and stripes a lá Blair Waldorf. Weddings are the perfect time to jump on the Ivy League train and mix some preppy accents with some retro.

5. “Exotic Indian Inspiration”: Follow in the footsteps of Katy Perry and Nicole Richie with a wedding inspired by this sultry country. In true Indian fashion, brides are opting for spicy chow, rich drapery and bold colors such as purple and gold.

6. “Wedding Man Caves”: “Grooms Corners” are another “in” trend this year, with blackjack tables, brandy bars, PlayStations and stogies. Now your guy can celebrate at the wedding by doing something he usually does at home.

7. “Prewedding PJ Parties”: Not a bachelorette celebration but rather a chance to get pampered, these slumber parties allow brides to get in the mood before the big day and bond with girlfriends. Don’t forget your pj’s.

8. “Food Truck Fun”: Remember those enjoyable food trucks from the county fair? Now you can celebrate your wedding with everything yummy from waffles to dumplings, all served up on carts at the reception after or with cocktails. Gourmet food adds a nice touch for all those food inclined.

9. “Haute Desserts”: What wedding day could be complete without a fancy, delicious cake to finish it off? Not just your ordinary cakes, these new haute options are positively gourmet and done with style. Choices such as chocolate with sea salt take the traditional cake to a whole new level.

10. “Video Guest Books”: Throw away that paper and pen! Today’s couples are going for iPads and video booths modeled after confessionals to wish happiness to the bride and groom. And don’t forget the social media: Couples can share the celebration and the guest book using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Vimeo.

11. “Surprise Honeymoons”: Just as Chelsea Clinton did, brides can be surprised at the end of the day with something beyond the gifts: Grooms are increasingly arranging a surprise honeymoon to jet away with their special someone.

Through its website, magazines and books, The Knot, the country’s foremost wedding resource, helps more than 1 million brides- and grooms-to-be with the advice and items they need to make their day truly extraordinary.

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