Father’s Day: 5 DIY Gifts for Dad

If your pop isn’t one to appreciate anything considered “fancy,” make him melt this Father’s Day with a heartfelt gift made with your own two hands. Nothing says “I love you, Dad,” more than a special homemade gift and incorporating your personal touch. These five masculine-themed DIY gifts are fun, creative and thoughtful ways to show Dad how much you care!

Retro Father’s Day Labels

DIY Father's Day Gift Guide Retro Labels

Turn your dad’s favorite snack into an art project by adding on a retro Father’s Day themed label. Personalize his bag of pistachios or perfect his go-to jar of pickles instantly with a cute label for a creative way to customize his gift. He’ll go nuts when he sees his favorite brand of peanuts decked out in his name or Happy Father’s Day quotes.

MANhand Salve

Father's Day DIY Gift Guide Man Hand Salve

A creative gift that every father could use is hand salve, or also known as MANhand salve. This gift for the manliest of men will nourish his work-worn hands and feet and surely melt his heart. This simple process begins with infusing oils and herbs into a jar, letting it sit, heating it and then continuing to let it cool and finally harden. Personalize your father’s hand salve pot by writing his name on it or tying a bow around it for some gift appeal.

Wine Bottle Tumblers

Father's Day DIY Gift Guide Wine Bottle Tumblers

If your father is a wine connoisseur, put those empty wine bottles to good use! A fun and easy Father’s Day gift to make all by yourself is by transforming old wine bottles into gorgeous new tumblers. Make dad proud by showing your crafty side with this DIY gift that consists of cutting the bottles, sanding them down and personalizing the tumblers by etching initials into the glass if you’re up for a bit more.

Homemade Beef Jerky

Father's Day DIY Gift Guide Homemade Beef Jerky

If your dad isn’t looking forward to your yearly Father’s Day cupcakes, mix it up this year with some homemade beef jerky. After preserving and flavoring the meat, you will learn that this homemade dish only takes about 15 minutes to create and another 24 to harden and perfect before serving it to Daddy Dearest. Even if you won’t appreciate eating it along with him, he will appreciate your hard work in the kitchen.

Picture Coasters

Father's Day DIY Gift Guide Picture Coaster

Next time your dad puts his cocktail down on a coaster, make sure it looks cute! A meaningful gift that is simple, personal and practical is a DIY picture coaster. Bring the past back to life by adding memorable images of your pop and yourself straight onto coasters by photocopying them onto cardstock, trimming them to the coaster’s size, mod podging them onto the tile and then finishing them off with a coat of polycrylic for a glossy effect. Don’t forget to tie a ribbon around the stack and add little heartfelt message to the top when presenting them on Father’s Day!

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