A Circus Life

Sometimes it can take a pretty penny to get your life back on track, and that's an understatement when it comes to Brit and her legal fees. According to the Los Angeles Times, the troubled pop star has dished out over $2.7 million in legal fees and related costs in just over a year!! YIKES! We send our love out to Britney and only hope for the best as it appears she is beginning to pull it together, revamping her career and taking more of an active parental role with her children.

This just goes to show how vacuous the “LUXE” life can be when you are not in touch with who you are as a person. Hollywood, celebrity and bling are meaningless without knowing yourself, identifying your values and leading a life that is in line with these principles. The misery that occurs when we get off track and disconnect from our true spirit is a threat everyone faces, even the average person that leads an ordinary life outside of the spotlight. The sad part is, our obsession with celebrity has led to those suffering in the public eye experiencing an even greater torture as they are robbed of their personal privacy. By having compassion for all beings we can begin to alleviate others pain and create a happier environment to live and dwell. After all, we are here on this earth to connect and experience love and joy!

Good luck Brit, you go girl!
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