Aardvark:  Offering Tech-Ease for Insights & Questions

Calling all Tech-savvy LUX-enthusiasts!! A new company is in town, Aardvark, which aims at integrating with social media technologies, such as Facebook and Twitter, to answer any question you just might have!! Think, Who Want to be a Millionaire TV show ‘ask the audience’ lifeline available to you every time you need to gain some insight or guidance to any of your challenging questions!!

This emerging technology is aimed at ‘tapping’ into the insights of your network by offering you an easy, user-friendly platform to do just that!! Saving you time by utilizing technology—totally LUX!

Aardvark searches the tens of thousands of people in your extended social network — everyone you’re connected to on Facebook & now Twitter, webmail address books, and so forth — in order to discover the perfect person to answer your question. Then Aardvark contacts them on your behalf, bringing your question to their attention, and letting them volunteer to answer if it’s convenient.

Launched 2008, Aardvark wanted to create a technology to tap into your network creativity and efficiently. The first social media platform they integrated with was Facebook. And now, after initial success with Facebook, there is great news for all of us Twitter obsessed—Aardvark has been extended to Twitter!!

We recommend you to try out the service for yourself via the Twitter platform by asking your question and then including ‘@vark’ in your tweet! This will then signal Aardvark to search out that perfect person to answer you directly with a message!!

As we know LUX Nation, Twitter has truly transformed the way we communicate via social media platforms, make sure you come back or hit us up on Twitter @ladylux and let us know what you think of Aardvark!

Could this be a successful addition to your social-media tool kit??


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