Abu Dhabi to see new commercial center

Abu Dhabi, the metropolis of “Sex and the City 2” fame, has another reason to draw some attention.

Gulf Related, a joint venture of Related Companies and Gulf Capital, and global retail consultant Marvin Traub have partnered to create The Galleria at Sowwah Square, a new entertainment complex located in the Middle-Eastern city, reported WWD. The project will teem with restaurants (125,000 square feet, plus a food hall) and shopping (225,000 square feet of retail space).

A mixed-use project of Mubadala Development Co.’s, Sowwah Square has been being developed for the past three years. Beyond cuisine and retail options, the square will also be home to the Rosewood and Four Seasons hotels, the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, and enough office space to hold more than 10,000 workers and a stock exchange. Look for these to open in the next couple of years.

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