Airline allows customers to pick seat partners via social media

Dutch airline KLM is venturing into new ground with its new Meet and Seat service. By harnessing Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, passengers may use the service to select their seat partners, reported Springwise.

Customers may personally pick their flight neighbors by profession, interests and appearance while booking the flight online. Both passengers must decide to use the service for a match, and anyone may elect not to participate. KLM predicts the program will create networking opportunities, while others believe it may lead to matchmaking.

By allowing customers to decide their flight partners, the trip turns more enjoyable and interesting as users make friends and discover new contacts. This could be the next new travel trend.

KLM follows in the wake of Malaysia Airlines’ MHBuddy, which created a similar option based on Facebook. The difference is KLM adds LinkedIn to the mix.

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Look for Meet and Seat early this year.

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LadyLUX via KLM, istock

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