Alternative Fuel Vehicles the Preferred Mode of Transport this Award Season

Hollywood A-listers are continuing to make a statement by spreading green seeds on the red carpet, arriving at award shows in hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. The days of stretch limos are slowly fading as celebrities and Hollywood execs show their support for eco-initiatives, choosing the stylish comforts of the Prius over luxury gas guzzlers.

This award season, Toyota and Econation, a green ground transportation company, have teamed up to sneak preview the 2010 Toyota Prius to clientele such as Leonardo Decaprio, Tom Hanks, Rosario Dawson and Adrien Grenier. The environmentally friendly chauffeur company uses the latest and greatest hybrid and alternative fuel transportation solutions for entertainment industry and Fortune 500 clientele. A ride with the company is full of all kinds of fun additives including VIP airport service, wireless internet, and reduced plastic bottled water and snacks.

We are anxiously awaiting next years Toyota Prius which comes equipped with cool new features such as a solar roof panel. Finally, the days of climbing into a stuffy, oven ready car on a hot summer day are over!! WIth this new feature, the solar panel will keep the inside of the car cool while parked in the direct sunlight and the air conditioning can be activated without even turning on the engine! Other features include multiple driving modes to maximize fuel economy and LED headlamps that produce more light and consume less energy. Stay tuned, the 3rd generation will be available before you know it, making its debut in the 2010 model.

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