An Architectural Beauty

Rather than sit around depressed, angry and frustrated about being laid off twice in a year, Seattle resident John Morefield is doing his part to create positive change. Morefield comes from the architecture world and while he may be having trouble finding employment, he is still putting his knowledge and skills to work through an endeavor known as Architecture 5 cents. For only a nickel, people can ask any design related question they may be facing from simple to complex. What started as a one man booth in Seattle has developed into an online community and sites popping up around the nation.

Morefield's mission statement from his website states, “When you talk to people in your neighborhood about architecture you can start a ripple effect that can impact your local economy. One local nickel turns into one conversation, which could turn into one local design job, built by a local contractor, who hires a local painter, who buys from a local supplier….. If we all start conversations, and start ripples across the nation, we can start a wave of hope and prosperity that can get us out of these tough times.” Pretty cool concept and a great positive twist on the current state of the economy.

It is entrepreneurs like John that share the LadyLUX belief in the resiliency of the human spirit and “Good For the Sake of Good” that is going to get the economy back on track. If you know any like-minded individuals that come from the same school of thought, be sure to give them a shout out below.

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