‘The Animal’ A Pet Owners Dream Vacuum by Dyson

Calling all LUX pet owners, Dyson has just released a ‘vac’ that will become your ultimate cleaning machine! Its name says it all, the Dyson DC28 ‘Animal’.

This super vac was designed to address the dreaded fur that comes from our lovely four-legged friends!! Although we love our faithful friends, their hair can make cleaning a bit more challenging. This will no longer be the case with this Animal in the house!!

This sucker picked up an astonishing amount of fur from rugs that looked fairly clean at the outset, courtesy of a pneumatic actuator that forces the cleaner head into the carpet for maximum crud removal. –Tester Jen Trolio, via

Dyson does it again with their innovative design and adjustable model. The Animal is the ultimate cleaning machine that utilizes a new ‘Airmuscle Technology’ that utilizes a three cleaning component consisting of a powered cam, a pneumatic actuator and a high-torque clutch. It also easily adjusts with a push of a single button to meet any floor level!! Now this is technology that makes our regular home duties totally LUX-ified!!

In addition, the easy retrieval wand and 17-foot hose allows you darling LUXies to reach those hard to get places, such as the couch cushions and corners. Remember, it’s a Dyson which means it will never lose its suction! Retails for about $600 and received 8 out of 10 on review reports!!

So cheers to cleaning all you lovely pet owners and thank you Dyson!

For more information, visit Dyson.

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